FCF partner: FundaciĆ³n Educativa de Desarrollo Economico y Social (FEDES), Santiago Chile

FEDES Project Managers Steven Colon and Agueda Martin

In collaboration with the government and international agencies,FundaciĆ³n Educativa de Desarrollo Economico y Social (FEDES) initiated a Vocational Training School program (November 2002), whereby young people from underprivileged backgrounds are taught trades. In addition to receiving a free education and on-the-job training, these youth also receive their lunch and transportation as part of the program.

FEDES Vocational Training facility is equipped to train up to 800 young people per semester. Local social services work with us to determine individuals’ eligibility for the program, some of the principle criteria being inability of the potential student’s family to pay for his or her education, professional inclination of the candidate, desire of the potential students to study and to pursue a given profession in order to be able to support themselves and their family.

Training options presently include various aspects of nursing and elder care, computer IT and networking,secretarial school, culinary arts and food processing technologies, local and international cooking, pasties and confectionaries, bartending and dining services, clothes tailoring and domestic design, telemarketing and customer service, pre-school childcare, industrial cleaning, plumbing (both industrial and home) and electrical courses, plus leadership training. read more…