Family Development Services

FCF partner: Family Development Services, Bangalore India

Project Managers Adrian Cavinder and Suresh Ambat

Family Development Services‘ contributions in the field of education include hosting teacher training seminars, as well as workshops on parenting, marriage counsel, and business management. Additionally, their vocational training program has as its objective developing and providing educational solutions for youth from poor backgrounds, while at the same time finding solutions to the rapidly growing demand for skilled workers within the Indian economy.

Family Development Services also publishes and disseminates written and audio-visual materials offering teachers and parents advice in the difficult job of raising young ones. In India, traditional values associated with the homes and school for centuries are now being challenged or replaced by new, unfamiliar and oft questionable ones. Helping to support parents and teachers through this difficult transition is one of the main goals of their ChildCare program, at the same time giving Family Development Services a contributing voice to the ongoing debate of what the Indian education system of the future should look like. read more..